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Getting construction projects off the ground is a full time business, and the last thing you need is push back from your energy supplier. Let Shyne Energy be your partner for a seamless set-up with no worries.


Most of our competitors will try to get you locked in to a long term contract that is hard to transfer when the property is sold. Or they offer you a short term contract at an inflated rate. Not with Shyne Energy. We won’t ever require contracts. Everything can be done month to month since you are never sure when the property will sell. None of our current plans have any monthly meter fees, no band-width charges – our price per kwh is the same whether you use a little or a lot – and always at our True Fixed Rates. And you only pay for what you use. We have a wholesale electric and natural gas company owned by the same partners. This gives us flexibility & stability in pricing while also affording us protection in a sometimes volatile energy market.


Home Builders - Houston Electricity Services

Shyne Energy deals for home builders include everything
you’d expect from one of the larger suppliers …

  • Free Auto-Bill Pay (Credit  Card & ACH)
  • Free Online Pay (Credit  Card & ACH)
  • Free Over the Phone Payments
  • Payment centres at Checkfree & Ace Cash Express, plus
    Kroger and Walmart
  • Balanced Billing
  • E-Billing
  • Online Account Management
  • Personalized Customer Service with 
    No Phone Tree & No Waiting
  • Phone Enrollments
  • Summary Billing

,We also do a few things for our home builders that the others
,,won’t do …

  • Shyne will manage your new & temporary meter installs –
    from A to Z!
  • We will request your ESIIDS from the TDSPS
  • We will enroll the properties & babysit these enrollments
    daily checking back regularly with 
    the city to ensure that the permits are released 
    in a timely manner
  • We will also assign a person with a cell phone
    you can call directly for help getting any property energized
  • Shyne can bill all of your properties together and
    will accept wired payments as well as all the payment
    methods listed
 Energy for Home Builders

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