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Connect with Shyne’s easy electricity plans today!

true fiexed rates

The Shyne difference

Unlike a lot of other Texas providers, when you get a fixed energy rate with Shyne for your electricity,

it stays fixed.


No whacky introductory offers, no crazy rates to hook you in – just honest prices that you can depend on.


We believe you should be able to depend on your rate staying the same for the whole length of your contract term, so you can be sure that your bill won’t suddenly jump up. Many other providers will promise a super cheap rate to hook you in – but then all of a sudden your bills start to grow.

With Shyne Energy there’s no small print to worry about and no hidden fees – just the energy you need, honestly priced, with great customer service.


Energy for your business

Customized solutions to meet your needs

With our affordable, reliable energy, and related products and services you can make the most of your energy dollars. We customize your energy plan to fit your needs – and of course, the same Shyne promise applies – once your rate is agreed, that’s where it stays.

Let Shyne be your new business partner.

fixed4For businesses large and small, we create a custom plan to meet your business energy goals.

Latest news

February 7, 2018

True Texas Power for YOU!

TEXAS POWER.  We pride ourselves on honest and easy electricity for the Lone Star state with true fixed rates, no gimmicks, no tricks.   Empower yourself to have worry free electricity and simply power your home, your business, your life with the energy that connects, Shyne Energy, PUC #10221.  SWITCH TODAY, easy phone enrollment by calling 713.268.6327.


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